All about me?

My name is Abbey and I like playing Netball because it’s really fun and it’s even better when I do it with my friends. I also like Calisthenics and that is like dancing but a little bit different, so you do 7 items what are: Free arm, Rods, Athletics, Song and dance, Review, Clubs and March. And I like doing Ballet too. I always like to play with my family and play games together. I have also got 2 dogs and they are Border Collies and one is named Charlie he  is 1 and one is Molly she  is 13. I have a mum and a dad and a brother.

Tell me about yourself?

Do you play any sport and what sport do you play?

Do you have any pets and what are they and there names?

What footy team do you go for?

By Abbey





Maddison Elliot:

I feel sad in ways  that she has a disability in head and can’t function the right side of body and has had a stroke. But I’m really happy for her because she has forght for everything and she has never givin up on herself and always gone for  her dreams and never stop dreaming just because it can take a long time.

If I was her and in her postion right now, I defiently would have not done as good as her, and I would probley have givin up on myself and my dreams.

I can’t belive she is still fighting because I know it would be really hard for her at this time, if I got to meet her I would ask one question and that would be: What does it take to keep on fighting with a disability?

By Abbey Mckoy 🙂 🙂

Maths in the outside world?

Topic: House hold bills, sticking to the budget and adding it all up correctly

Maths home workMaths

This connects to maths because you always get house hold bills during your life and you always have to have a way to work bills out correctly. I recommend where I would pay a certain amount of money each week off my electricity bill and my phone and gas bill. These are just some example of bills I would pay weekly.

Why do we have to add up bills correctly? ~You have to add them up to cover your cost of living.

By Abbey Mc

By the way this was not finished














106 word challenge~ but then she lifted the lid~

I was brushing my teeth and I saw this jar infront of me, I wanted to open it but then I did’nt because there could be anything in that jar you know. It could be something bad or something good.
So I decided to wait until ther morning and see what happens,
now that was a good sleep and a good breakfeast, and you guess what time it is now. Yep thats it I’m reallly not looking forward to this. Ok you count me in 1! 2! 3! But then she lifted the lid and all of a sudden she was gone forever and ever.