It is the first sacrament of 7. It is where you are welcomed into the church. You also get Holy water poured onto your head. People celebrate Baptism because it is a tradition in the Catholic Church.


The priest welcomes us into the Catholic Church and we make the sign of the cross. He tells us to trust God and not to be scared. We also confess our sins. The sacrament means you confess what you have done wrong in the past.

Eucharist: The symbols are bread, wine, the cross and grapes. Eucharist is also about thanks giving. Jesus said take my body and blood in memory of me. The priest used to put the bread on your tongue but now they put it in your hands. 


After you have made your Confirmation you pick a saint name and that would be your 2nd middle name. Confirmation is when a person becomes a member of the Catholic Church. Confirmation brings you faith and also brings you closer to Christ. 


In 2011 the number of marriages what happened in England and there was 247,892. There was a divorce every 2.5 minutes. In England in 1576 10 year olds could get married. Wedding rings are on the fourth finger and on the left hand because they say it is closer to the heart.

Holy Orders: 

In Holy Orders there are Munks and some Munks go and speak to people or they are just at sells. A man is also welcomed into the priest hood of Christ.

Anointing of the sick: 

Some symbols are oil, the cross, and the forehead. A richel is going to the church and focusing on mental help. A budiesm goes to the temple and they pray. 

My Big Idea

My Essential question is: What part do bush fire take part in shaping the Australian landscape?

I also have little questions coming off my essential question and they are: 

1. How do some brush fires start? 

2. How does it take to put out a bush fire usually?

3. Where do bush fires take part in Australia and why? 


This is what I found out this week: Bush fires sweep out the old and make a new way for the new. In Australia natural ecosystems have evolved with fire and is played a role in shaping our landscape too. For thousands of years Aborigines have used fire to manage the land. 

By Abbey