100 word challenge

But that’s what happens in Brazil….

“Go Brazil” screamed all the cheer leaders ” One more point and we have won” said Jimmy excitedly! I hear all the cheerleaders cheering there hearts out. 

“Hey Jimmy come over here” cried Sam trying to get Jimmy waiting ” Can you pinch me” said Sam meaning it as a joke. “Sure” cried Jimmy ” OUCH what was that for” screamed Sam in pain. ” Anyway do you and the team want to go and get ice cream” said Sam ” Okay” cried the team for a break.

But that’s what happens in Brazil when they go and get ice cream they will get big.

This is my big idea what I have done it in sdl time and at home. I am really proud of myself because I have come along way since the start of the year. I have also got really far with my  big idea and I feel that I have a really good topic and I am going to get really far with it.