Snap Shot


I see this huge line in front of me it’s that big it’s bigger than an Elephant. Crunch, crunch, crunch I hear the salty popcorn crunching in people’s mouth. I taste the surgery, lemony, fizzy and bubbly lemonade sinking down my throat. I feel the crunchy popcorn on my chair and underneath my feet crunching into little pieces. I smell the silent fart surrounding my face smelling like salty popcorn. 

Swimming pool! 

I smell the disgusting chlorine through my throat. “ARGGH” I hear the kids screaming while they go down the scary and dark water slide. I slide my fingers through my wet and cold hair I feel lot’s of chlorine rushing through my finger nails. I see the water splashing up against the water slides. I taste the delicious canteen food going quickly down my throat. 


”Girls pull up , SNAP IT!” I hear the coaches screaming at us so we get it right. I feel the tight leotard around my body digging into me. I see girls working there butts off and there red tomato faces. I taste the sweet taste of victory because I got through the dance without a mistake. I smell the strong smell of hairspray circling around the room. 

Corey Oliver (Lifeguard)

Why does Corey Oliver do what he does?

Corey Oliver does lifesaving because he likes saving peoples lives because some people will look up to him as a person and a lifeguard.  When he was little he saw lifeguards saving peoples lives and he thought to himself I want to be a lifesaver and be a hero. He wanted to be a lifeguard because when he was little he needed to be saved by a lifeguard and when he was little he thought  people needed to be saved and someone to look up to, so he thought he could be the man to do that.  

Why is Corey Oliver a good role model?

Corey Oliver does lot’s of good things because without him some of us wouldn’t be here right now because of him. He saves our lives every second of the day. Corey Oliver doesn’t really do it for the money he does it for our safety and our lives. Corey says that you really have to love your job because if you don’t love your job your really only doing to it for the money most of the time. You should be thinking about the people you are doing it for and how much fun you are having. 

What gifts and fruits of the holy spirit does Corey Oliver show?

Corey Oliver shows gifts and fruits because they help people everyday out and in the water and they have the courage to go in the water and save people when even it could be to late. They care for us and worry about us because when someone passes away they say it’s all there fault but it’s really not. Corey hates when he is to late because someone’s life has gone. If Corey had 1 wish he said he would give that 1 wish to someone who has died in the water and so they would come alive. Corey also never give up on himself and to keep trying.

Information on Corey Oliver?

It is Corey Olivers 15 year as a lifeguard. He thinks it’s very stressful being a lifeguard because anything could go wrong and there is lot’s of people on the beach. At 21 he worked in a hotel but he thought it wasn’t himself, but during his  shifts he went down to the beach and started surfing and the boys down there said why don’t you get a job here at Bondi so he started thinking about it.  So he thought at 22 he was a really good body border so he thought he would try and be a lifeguard. So then he went to Bondi to try and get a job there as a lifesaver and he got the job at 22 to 23.  Then after 1 or 2 months he was on a show Bondi Rescue on Channel 10. He is  now 38 and he wants to keep going as a lifeguard till he is over 60. When he was body bordering the waves were holding him down, he was calling out for help but know one could here him. He knew he was in trouble. Finally he managed to reach the surface gasping for air. Another time he was surfing in Hawaii and this big wave came on top of him, the lifeguards saw that he was struggling  to stay above the water so he got rescued. But he still wasn’t scared to get back in the water.



I thought I did well on my creation story and I was focused on my work and was wanting to do the creation story and trying to finish it on due date. I was proud of myself because it was a bit different to 3/4 because in 3/4 you could work with someone most of the time and then in 5/6 you sometimes have to work by yourself and some of us has never done a project by themselves. 

I could work on trying to challenge myself a bit more because sometimes Mild could be a bit easy for me. And I also could look at the bible for some information and for the story’s than the internet. 

Angela and Evie’s feedback for me!