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Biography on Lisa

Have you ever dreamed of coming first in Calisthenics?

Lisa did this is 1978 in Melbourne. Calisthenics is Lisa’s favourite thing to do as a kid and she still likes it know. She’s likes it because it gets people to show there talent and also to get confident on stage and also because it is very fun to do. 

Lisa has worked at a lot of places but the best place she worked at was at a Road house in Norseman, Lisa liked this job because it was fun to see everyone and to help people out. Lisa’s first job was at a fruit shop in Ballarat she liked this job because she got to see all the fresh fruits but she says it wasn’t her favourite and best job. Lisa got $5.00 every hour for her jobs. 

Lisa was born in 1969 on the 16th of January. Lisa describes herself  as family oritaded, homely and fun to be around. Lisa and Kim says that they are the closets in the family because they are nearly the same age and they also have the most in common too. Lisa’s biggest fan is her mum because she was a good role model by helping people and was caring to everyone in every way. Lisa had 1 dog, 1 cat and 1 cocky all as a kid but right know she has a dog called Missy. Lisa loved animals because they were all so fun to play with. Lisa was always scared of movies since a kid. Lisa’s favourite subject at school was Australian history but she was the best in Mother craft at school. 

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