Book Review

Charlottes web, written by E.BWhite

Are you interested in sad, happy and mysterious books? We’ll this is the right book for you.

This book is about a girl named Fern and her mum Mrs Zuckerman and her dad Mr Zuckerman. Mr Zuckerman has a pig and he want’ to get rid of it. But then Fern steps in and tells her parents that she can look after an animal and take care of it and then Ferns parents finally say yes and Fern has so much fun with the pig and she called it Wilbur but then she has to let the pig go for good because Mr Zuckerman says when it get’s big you should sell them and that what Mr Zuckerman wants to do that. Mr Zuckerman sold Wilbur to his dad and Mr Zuckermans dad owns a farm. Wilbur doesn’t like being at the farm and he has tried to escape but he has got caught. Wilbur made some friends and while he was talking to he friend called the old sheep, the old sheep said they are making Wilbur big and fat because on Christmas day they are going to kill Wilbur and eat him. Wilbur is very scared and worried what is going to happen to him and if he will ever see Fern again. Wilbur is carrying through this journey with the spider Charlotte, Fern, the Goose, the old sheep and other animals. What will happen to Wilbur? Will he ever see Fern again? Read this book to find out. 

I thought this book is very interesting because it has a twist in it at the end and when you start reading this book you don’t want to put the book down. Also when your read the first page it sucks you in. I like this book because it has lot’s of characters and the characters are funny and the Aurthor used the characters well in the story and made the characters interesting. Maybe next time the Aurthor should make the middle part a bit more interesting but I liked the book. 

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