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The Australian Ballet

The Australian Ballet had it’s first performance in 1962 at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Sydney. The Australian Ballet is the largest classical ballet company in Australia. The Theatre was found by J.C. Williamson and The Australian Elizabeth Trust in 1961, with the English born dancer, teacher, and director Peggy van Praagh and as people call him the artistic director. He has run the company for 12 years with Robert Helmann.

History on Leanne Stojmenov.

Leanne was born in Perth. Her full time training began at Gradute Collage in 1993. In 2001 Leanne left Perth to take a place in The Australian Ballet. Leanne received the NSW Australian Ballet scholarship in 2004 and it meant she could go anywhere for her ballet. Leanne was promoted a principal artist in 2011.

Questions for Leanne?

Why did you decide to become a dancer and what inspired that decision? It has been a dream of mine since I was 3 years old and I thought I would be a good move for me and my ballet because it would challenge me a lot more than I challenged myself.

What has been your most memorable Performance and why? Don Quixote in 2007 because it was special to be on stage and to be on stage with someone I love the most.

What items can’t you go on tour without? Point shoes because they usually don’t sell them on tour but if they do they are never the right size and really everything else you can get on tour.

History on Ty King-wall.

Ty King-wall was born in Waihi in New Zealand. He started dancing when he was 7. Ty King-wall received his early ballet training at The Dance Education Centre in Tauranga. He left New Zealand at 16 to study full time at The Australian Ballet. Ty King-wall was accepted into The Australian Ballet in 2006. Since he was in the company he has received lot’s of principal roles. Ty King-wall was promoted a senior artist in 2011 and a principal artist in 2013.

Questions for Ty King-wall?

What do you love about your hometown in New Zealand? The sense of calmness when I am there. I can’t help feeling so calm and happy when I am in my hometown. Everyone welcomes you in ad makes you feel at home.

What was your biggest turning point in your career? Dancing Pas de deux in the Sleeping Beauty story. I was very nervous when I was on stage but getting through the dances has got me more confident each time.

History on Mary Renouf.

Mary is a lot more older than the other dances but she doesn’t care about that. Mary was trained by Kathleen Gorham from the age of 5. Passing all her R.A.D exams. She joined The Australian Ballet at the age of 15. When she was in her second year she was chosen to represent Australia in the first international ballet competition held in Jackson, Mississippi USA. Mary started teaching at the National Theatre Ballet school in 1991.    



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