Reflection on big idea

Reflection on Big Idea.

I thought we did really well with our workshop we spoke really clearly and loudly.We also got a lot down and answered most of our questions. Maybe next time we could check in with a teacher so we know that we are on track. I also think we detailed our information. 

Reflection on Eva-mays blog. 

I think Eva-may did really well and got a lot of information and detailed it. Sometimes she spoke really well but then by the end she spoke quiet and a bit fast.Her essential question is: How did French people migrate to Australia and how did  hawaiian people migrate to Australia and what are there cultures?  This is some information I learn’t from the workshop:

France: You are expected to say BONJOIR what means good morning or hello, you can also say BONSOIR what means good evening. You are also expected to say Madam and Monsieur when you are entering a shop. French began arriving on Austrlias shores. They always use fresh ingredients when they cook. Tennis came from France. France also introduced us with there style of wine,cheese and bread. 

Hawaii: They always use fresh ingredients when they cook. Hawaii has lot’s of beach’s, palm tress and lot’s of people surfing. Handshake is a greeting in Hawaii. Hawaii has lot’s of festivals and a lot of people go to them. The Ukulele is from Hawaii. 

Reflection on Mias blog. 

I think Mia did really well and spoke really well and had a lot of information and had a detailed questions. Maybe next time she could look up when she is speaking instead of looking down the whole time.  Information on Waled: Waled moved to Australia because it was very dangerous and many bad things happened to him and his family there. Haidans: He had to leave because he was a teacher and people were killing teachers where he lived. Sometimes he could call his family but ,ost of the time he couldn’t. He also has not seen his family for 4 years now. Nickel Mundabi: He was at school he was teaching and then a friend of his father came in and said “you have to leave or you will get killed like your father. He still doesn’t know what happened to his father. Anna: Anna was born in Catoatia in 1948. Her dad died when she was 6. Her mum dies when she was 8. She was on a boat to Australia for 1 month. She was very poor when she was a child.