Mission Day Relection

Why do we hold a Mission Day Carnival?

So we can raise some money for the Vietnam girls and boys so they can live a better life and be treated more like us, and to also have some fun for the day.

How would you connect the messages of St Therese to Mission day?

Because in Mission day you help people and the quote is ”it’s the little things that matter” and that quote relates to Mission day because when you help a person  it might be little but it still can make a big difference.

Why, as people of faith, are we responsible for actively responding to the needs of others?

Because we are the oldest in the school and we are responsible, and we are the leaders in the school for all the younger ones. It’s also because we look after all the younger ones in the school and they also look up to us as leaders. We are also the role models of the school,


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