Wonder by R.J. Palacio


I have been reading Wonder for about 1 to 2 weeks now, and it really is just an amazing book to read. This book really has the power to move hearts and change minds. Wonder is about a boy called August who has had a lot of surgery on his face. August was deformed in the face when he was born and has been like that ever since. They have tried surgery to make it a little better but kinda didn’t work that well. August got home schooled for 6 years as his parents and him self didn’t want him to go to school. After 6 years his parents decided to let him go to school as it might help him and it would really be a great opportunity for him. August has a sister called Via who is very protective of August as she doesn’t August getting hurt. Via has been through a lot with August like all August’s surgery’s and other things. So this message in the book is to never judge someone by what they look like its what is inside and to also never give up and always try things and give it a go.