Wonder by R.J. Palacio


I have been reading Wonder for about 1 to 2 weeks now, and it really is just an amazing book to read. This book really has the power to move hearts and change minds. Wonder is about a boy called August who has had a lot of surgery on his face. August was deformed in the face when he was born and has been like that ever since. They have tried surgery to make it a little better but kinda didn’t work that well. August got home schooled for 6 years as his parents and him self didn’t want him to go to school. After 6 years his parents decided to let him go to school as it might help him and it would really be a great opportunity for him. August has a sister called Via who is very protective of August as she doesn’t August getting hurt. Via has been through a lot with August like all August’s surgery’s and other things. So this message in the book is to never judge someone by what they look like its what is inside and to also never give up and always try things and give it a go.

Camille and Madeleine

This story is about 2 girls who say they are perfect little girls but they are the oppisite of that. When there mothers tell them to do something they don’t listen at all. There are also a lot of story’s of the girls in this book. ” But my doll! My poor doll what will become of her? Oh dear she will be soaked. 

Reflection on Cybersaftey


Today we just learnt about Cybersafty, these are some of the main points what we learnt. 

-Social Media should always be private on your account

-Always think before you post on Social Media

– Tell a trusted Parent or Adult that you are being bullied or cyber bullied.

-Don’t be a bystander when it comes to bulling or Cyber bulling

-When your on your device always be in  a room where your parents can see you and your device screen

-Don’t let people follow you on social media if you wouldn’t have dinner with them.

-Report anyone who is making rude comments on social media.



News Reflection

In the news report I did a lot of things to make it a good news report, like I helped with the script, I made most of the props and I also put the video all together. In this news report I think I should’ve spoke a bit more louder so people can here me and look up a bit more when I was talking. I think I put all my effort into and played a big part and got it finished when it had to be complete. I really enjoyed this task because I wasn’t that confident but know that I have


Hope and Joy, I chose Zeb

What is hope and joy?

Hope and Joy is where someone cares for someone and would do something special for that person and would just do it without being asked.

Tell us about this person?

Zeb paddle boarded to Tasmania to raise money for Breast Cancer and he raised a lot of money and achieved his goal, all of the sick people was very happy and thankful after what Zeb did for them and there lives.

How do they demonstrate hope and joy?

Zeb demonstrates hope and joy because he chose to give up his time to do this special thing for Breast Cancer and for the very sick people. He also decided to do this for the sick people and wanted to do this and know one forced him to do it, he just chose to do.

How could you be more like this person?


Mission Day Relection

Why do we hold a Mission Day Carnival?

So we can raise some money for the Vietnam girls and boys so they can live a better life and be treated more like us, and to also have some fun for the day.

How would you connect the messages of St Therese to Mission day?

Because in Mission day you help people and the quote is ”it’s the little things that matter” and that quote relates to Mission day because when you help a person  it might be little but it still can make a big difference.

Why, as people of faith, are we responsible for actively responding to the needs of others?

Because we are the oldest in the school and we are responsible, and we are the leaders in the school for all the younger ones. It’s also because we look after all the younger ones in the school and they also look up to us as leaders. We are also the role models of the school,


Reflection on big idea

Reflection on Big Idea.

I thought we did really well with our workshop we spoke really clearly and loudly.We also got a lot down and answered most of our questions. Maybe next time we could check in with a teacher so we know that we are on track. I also think we detailed our information. 

Reflection on Eva-mays blog. 

I think Eva-may did really well and got a lot of information and detailed it. Sometimes she spoke really well but then by the end she spoke quiet and a bit fast.Her essential question is: How did French people migrate to Australia and how did  hawaiian people migrate to Australia and what are there cultures?  This is some information I learn’t from the workshop:

France: You are expected to say BONJOIR what means good morning or hello, you can also say BONSOIR what means good evening. You are also expected to say Madam and Monsieur when you are entering a shop. French began arriving on Austrlias shores. They always use fresh ingredients when they cook. Tennis came from France. France also introduced us with there style of wine,cheese and bread. 

Hawaii: They always use fresh ingredients when they cook. Hawaii has lot’s of beach’s, palm tress and lot’s of people surfing. Handshake is a greeting in Hawaii. Hawaii has lot’s of festivals and a lot of people go to them. The Ukulele is from Hawaii. 

Reflection on Mias blog. 

I think Mia did really well and spoke really well and had a lot of information and had a detailed questions. Maybe next time she could look up when she is speaking instead of looking down the whole time.  Information on Waled: Waled moved to Australia because it was very dangerous and many bad things happened to him and his family there. Haidans: He had to leave because he was a teacher and people were killing teachers where he lived. Sometimes he could call his family but ,ost of the time he couldn’t. He also has not seen his family for 4 years now. Nickel Mundabi: He was at school he was teaching and then a friend of his father came in and said “you have to leave or you will get killed like your father. He still doesn’t know what happened to his father. Anna: Anna was born in Catoatia in 1948. Her dad died when she was 6. Her mum dies when she was 8. She was on a boat to Australia for 1 month. She was very poor when she was a child. 

Passion Project

The Australian Ballet

The Australian Ballet had it’s first performance in 1962 at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Sydney. The Australian Ballet is the largest classical ballet company in Australia. The Theatre was found by J.C. Williamson and The Australian Elizabeth Trust in 1961, with the English born dancer, teacher, and director Peggy van Praagh and as people call him the artistic director. He has run the company for 12 years with Robert Helmann.

History on Leanne Stojmenov.

Leanne was born in Perth. Her full time training began at Gradute Collage in 1993. In 2001 Leanne left Perth to take a place in The Australian Ballet. Leanne received the NSW Australian Ballet scholarship in 2004 and it meant she could go anywhere for her ballet. Leanne was promoted a principal artist in 2011.

Questions for Leanne?

Why did you decide to become a dancer and what inspired that decision? It has been a dream of mine since I was 3 years old and I thought I would be a good move for me and my ballet because it would challenge me a lot more than I challenged myself.

What has been your most memorable Performance and why? Don Quixote in 2007 because it was special to be on stage and to be on stage with someone I love the most.

What items can’t you go on tour without? Point shoes because they usually don’t sell them on tour but if they do they are never the right size and really everything else you can get on tour.

History on Ty King-wall.

Ty King-wall was born in Waihi in New Zealand. He started dancing when he was 7. Ty King-wall received his early ballet training at The Dance Education Centre in Tauranga. He left New Zealand at 16 to study full time at The Australian Ballet. Ty King-wall was accepted into The Australian Ballet in 2006. Since he was in the company he has received lot’s of principal roles. Ty King-wall was promoted a senior artist in 2011 and a principal artist in 2013.

Questions for Ty King-wall?

What do you love about your hometown in New Zealand? The sense of calmness when I am there. I can’t help feeling so calm and happy when I am in my hometown. Everyone welcomes you in ad makes you feel at home.

What was your biggest turning point in your career? Dancing Pas de deux in the Sleeping Beauty story. I was very nervous when I was on stage but getting through the dances has got me more confident each time.

History on Mary Renouf.

Mary is a lot more older than the other dances but she doesn’t care about that. Mary was trained by Kathleen Gorham from the age of 5. Passing all her R.A.D exams. She joined The Australian Ballet at the age of 15. When she was in her second year she was chosen to represent Australia in the first international ballet competition held in Jackson, Mississippi USA. Mary started teaching at the National Theatre Ballet school in 1991.    



Book Review

Charlottes web, written by E.BWhite

Are you interested in sad, happy and mysterious books? We’ll this is the right book for you.

This book is about a girl named Fern and her mum Mrs Zuckerman and her dad Mr Zuckerman. Mr Zuckerman has a pig and he want’ to get rid of it. But then Fern steps in and tells her parents that she can look after an animal and take care of it and then Ferns parents finally say yes and Fern has so much fun with the pig and she called it Wilbur but then she has to let the pig go for good because Mr Zuckerman says when it get’s big you should sell them and that what Mr Zuckerman wants to do that. Mr Zuckerman sold Wilbur to his dad and Mr Zuckermans dad owns a farm. Wilbur doesn’t like being at the farm and he has tried to escape but he has got caught. Wilbur made some friends and while he was talking to he friend called the old sheep, the old sheep said they are making Wilbur big and fat because on Christmas day they are going to kill Wilbur and eat him. Wilbur is very scared and worried what is going to happen to him and if he will ever see Fern again. Wilbur is carrying through this journey with the spider Charlotte, Fern, the Goose, the old sheep and other animals. What will happen to Wilbur? Will he ever see Fern again? Read this book to find out. 

I thought this book is very interesting because it has a twist in it at the end and when you start reading this book you don’t want to put the book down. Also when your read the first page it sucks you in. I like this book because it has lot’s of characters and the characters are funny and the Aurthor used the characters well in the story and made the characters interesting. Maybe next time the Aurthor should make the middle part a bit more interesting but I liked the book. 

My Biography

Biography on Lisa

Have you ever dreamed of coming first in Calisthenics?

Lisa did this is 1978 in Melbourne. Calisthenics is Lisa’s favourite thing to do as a kid and she still likes it know. She’s likes it because it gets people to show there talent and also to get confident on stage and also because it is very fun to do. 

Lisa has worked at a lot of places but the best place she worked at was at a Road house in Norseman, Lisa liked this job because it was fun to see everyone and to help people out. Lisa’s first job was at a fruit shop in Ballarat she liked this job because she got to see all the fresh fruits but she says it wasn’t her favourite and best job. Lisa got $5.00 every hour for her jobs. 

Lisa was born in 1969 on the 16th of January. Lisa describes herself  as family oritaded, homely and fun to be around. Lisa and Kim says that they are the closets in the family because they are nearly the same age and they also have the most in common too. Lisa’s biggest fan is her mum because she was a good role model by helping people and was caring to everyone in every way. Lisa had 1 dog, 1 cat and 1 cocky all as a kid but right know she has a dog called Missy. Lisa loved animals because they were all so fun to play with. Lisa was always scared of movies since a kid. Lisa’s favourite subject at school was Australian history but she was the best in Mother craft at school.