“Wow this is huge” I said “What do you mean it’s huge it’s space of course it’s huge” cried Hannah “Well I was just saying and you don’t have to get angry” I shouted ” I am not angry it’s just a silly thing to say I mean it’s space of course it’s going to be huge” I bet ….” I said being interrupted by Hannah ” Wait I think I can hear something” Hannah whispered “Now I think your going off your nutter not me” I cried “Argh what’s that” Hannah screamed loudly “What’s what” I shouted “That thing over there it’s rainbow with red big eye’s” I mumbled   “Oh that thing it’s so cute and fluffy” Hannah said with excitement ” “Are you kidding me it’s not fluffy and not cute and at all I think you have to go and get your eye sight checked out and it’s hairless and how do you think it’s cute when it’s vomiting rainbows out of it’s mouth and I mean who vomits rainbows out of it’s mouth I could maybe see you doing it but really know one else.” I said with some surprise “Oh but I think it’s still cute and I would never vomit rainbows out of my mouth and maybe the thing is just it’s having a bad day because the saying is if you have to let it out you have to let it out, and maybe he just got a bad haircut that’s all so that’s how I think he’s very cute in ways.” Hannah yelled trying to make a point here. ” Yeah yeah okay but it’s been a long day so let’s get going” I said “It’s only been 15 minutes” Hannah said in confusion “Umm oh well will just go a bit early” I cried “Okay but how do we get out of here” Hannah said “Uh duh in our space ship what we came here in” I said very confused “Uh I kind of blew it up I am really sorry I didn’t mean to” I whispered “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU BLEW IT UP” I shouted with anger ” I blew it up yeah that’s what I mean”  I cried “Why did you have to do that but I know where where sleeping tonight” I said ” Where?” Hannah said with wonder “Right here” I cried “Yay we get to stay longer oh yeah” Hannah cried   with excitement “It’s going to be a long day and night”   

Lemon slice poem. 

We have blended ingredients that mix all together. A dish so sweet and a flavour that stays forever. We keep it cold till it’s time to serve , and we make sure it has a curve. We defiantly deserve to have a little piece but as soon as we could there was only one piece. We thought that the would be enough for a huge feast, but it turns out that there was only a little piece.  

Seed Dogs

I wonder:

-What are all the types of dogs you can get? – What are some colours dogs usally come in?- How many teeth do dogs have? -What kind of dog is the most popular in Australia? – What age do dogs live to? 

I think: 

– Dogs are a great pet to be around and they always cheer you up even though they can’t talk to you. -Dogs also are very friendly to others and make you happy. -Dogs always keep you companie and always give you something to do in your spare time. 

I feel: 

– I always have fun with my dogs. – I wish my dog could stay with me forever. – I feel happy to be around my dog because they always keep you companie. 


– You could write a narrative about it.- You could write a recount about playing with your dogs.- Draw and write a picture story book for kids.- Draw a comic book. 

Snapshot Rock Concert! 

“WE LOVE YOU TOMAS” I could hear all the girls screaming at the band in everyone’s ears. “Guys I really don’t feel that well” I cried but nobody listened of course. All  I really could think about was that meat pie I ate before the concert. And you know what made it worse was that I could smell everyone’s sweaty and smelly armpits while they all jump up and down to the music. But there is one thing that is the worst thing of all the disgusting breath I could smell while they sing a long with the band. But the one thing that has been the best thing of the night, it’s that I get to share this great moment with my best friends. 

Book Review on The Runaway hug.

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

I thought this book was very entertaining to read because when you read the first page it sucks you in and you can’t put the book down. The book is about a girl called Lucy who always want’s a hug every time she see’s someone. But if she hugs someone the person who she hugged has to give the hug back to her. Lucy also shares her mums last hug with everyone, along the way the hugs get bigger, softer, sleepier and even peanut buttery. She hugs her dog Annie but Annie ran away with the last hug and Lucy discovers that it’s very hard to get the last hug back, but finally she got the last hug back. Maybe next time the Author could make the book a little more longer because the book is exciting and good and then the excitement can go on for a lot more. I would recommend this book to younger kids because it doesn’t really have challenging words in the book but it is still fun and exciting to read.  

“The splash of water makes me feel” 

The surprise 24 hour ice bucket challenge 

I was fast asleep in my new warm bed and then Lachie has to barge into my room and is about to pour a huge bucket of cold water over my head and SPLASH!. The splash of cold water running down my face makes me feel very agry that my silly brother has just poured this huge cold bucket of water done my numb and blue face. “LACHIE why did you do that” I screamed “Umm hahahaha” cried laughing his head off. “GET OUT OF MY ROOM NOW” I said very angrily. 

I thought to myself when Lachie was walking out of my room, why do people do this? It’s 6:00 in the morning and I can’t feel my body. “LACHIE come back here” I called ” What do you want” said Lachie ” What is the 24 hour ice bucket challenge” I said unsure ” Uh duh the 24 ice bucket challenge is for an illness” said Lachie unsure why I was asking that question. ” Oh right now I know, now get out of my room NOW!” I said screaming. “Ok ok I’m going calm down” cried Lachie. And then mum comes into my room ” ABBEY WHY ARE YOU SO WET” screamed mum. ” Umm” I said before mum interrupted me ” Well come on go get dressed we are going out for breakfast” said mum. Well I better go and get ready bye.

Heal the world (Text to self)

I feel worried for the children because they don’t have a very safe life like us and it’s very dangerous there too. I feel happy for us because we have toys and clothes what are not ripped and dirty. But then I feel sad for the people there because they don’t have the stuff we have and I think it’s a bit unfair but then the kids in the video don’t really worry about it that much. I wonder how the kids feel about that they don’t have clothes, toys, food and more like us but  really it looks like they only cared about there safety and how much fun they are having with there family and friends. I feel happy for us because we can walk down the street without see people getting hurt or people holding guns and people taking cover and hiding. But then I also feel very sad for the kids because there life is in danger. If I was over there right now I would be scared out of my brain and very worried what would happen to me, my life and my family and friends because you could get killed, get sick, or having to leave your family and they all are not very nice things to happen to yourself. 

Text to world

It looked like the war what was going on right now because there was fighting going on in both and kids having to leave because sometimes it was getting dangerous or the kids got very sick and needed help badly. The Heal the world song and video clip looks a bit like an orphanage because the beds and in the room looked like one. Also it looked a bit like an hospital because there were kids in the room who was sick like some people in a hospital. In the video clip it sometimes look like the air plane what has gone down because there was people who passed away and that was the same in the video clip. I think the bit what says ”heal the world” means something because it’s saying that we should respect and care about our world and life and if anything bad happens try your very hardest to fix it and make it a better place for you and for everyone. The Heal the world song is a very sad song but sometimes it can make you happy and in the video clip is like when a girl got shot in the head 3 times just because she wanted to go to school because then she got sick like the kids in the heal the world song. When the kids got sick in the heal the world song some of the kids had to leave there family and that would be very painful to leave the people you grew up with. 

Text to Text ( heal the world and the book a true person)

The heal the word song and the book A true person is a bit a like because at first in the book the mother said the girl was sick and then in the heal the world songs some of the kids got sick but then during the video clip they started to get better and started to smile more. The girl in the story was lonely at the start but by the end she found friends and was very happy and she could play with them everyday.  In the heal the world song you could see the kids didn’t care about the war or anything all they were really caring about is there friends and family. But then in the book the girl was a bit worried what was going to happen to her and her mum. But by the end she made friends and wasn’t so worried in the end because she was wanted to always stay with her mum and be happy with herself and her life. And find a good place to live for 1 and only life.

By Abbey  

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