My Story, Our story

Interview on my Grandma.

1. Where were your born?

I was born in Australia

2. Do you know anyone in our family who was born out of


No everyone was born in Australia

3.What did you used to wear back in the old days when you were a kid?

All girls wore dresses, gloves, very high socks, and every girl had to have a handbag and the shoes were usually black and white.

4.. Where did you want to get born?

I wanted to get born out of Australia, but I am pretty happy in Australia.

The surname Mckoy came from Scotland about 1881.

About Grandma?

About Reis

Reis is Grandma’s Dad’s dad,  This is Grandma’s point of view.

My Great Great Grand father owned a shop called C and C store. His family came from Germany they also went to Sydney with a horse and cart to Albury. When the Melbourne show was on they had a shop there and got some money for it. They also had 6 kids, they had a huge farm with horses and chooks and other animals.

 About the Mckoy family

The Mckoy family had race horses on there farm. The farm ended up getting sold. because they lived in the area a long time a street was named after them.The Mckoy’s came from Scotland then they went to Ireland then Australia, they did this all on a boat. They also lived in Wodonga ever since 1881 they also loved their horses. The Mckoy family was a sporty family and they owned a Dairy farm.

About Grandma?

 1. She had to catch a tram to go to school.

2. The Mckoys and her spent a lot of time with the horses.

3. She was born in Melbourne.

About my Mums side?

The Whites!

1. William was the first White and he was born in 1800.

2. The Whites came from the corner of Cornwall, then they came to Australia and then most of the Whites started living in Ballart.

3. My mum’s dad wrote a story about himself and a bit about the family when he was sick.

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